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PowerShell: Adding a Domain Group to local administrators group on remote computer

Adding domain groups to local administrators group on remote computers(servers/workstations) is most common activity any system administrator do. I got similar task today and realized that I don’t have a PowerShell function to do. We know it is simple and can build command on fly, but having a function is much more useful. So, I have written below function and added to my techibee module(will publish this soon).

This script takes three arguments. 1) ComputerName — on which you want to do this operation. 2)GroupName — that you want to add to the local administrators group of remote computer 3) DomainName — an optional parameter using which you can pass the domain name if the group you are adding belongs to different domain that of your computer is currently in.

function Add-DomainGroupToLocalAdministrator {
param (
[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]

[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]


if(!($DomainName)) {
    Import-Module ActiveDirectory
    $DomainName = (Get-AdDomain).DNSRoot.ToString()

try {            

    $AdminGroup = [ADSI]("WinNT://$ComputerName/Administrators,Group")
    Write-host "Successfully Added $GroupName to local administrators group of $computerName"            

catch {
    Write-Error $_


Hope this helps…

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