Group Policies

Using PowerShell, we can query who has permissions to a given GPO or a list of GPOs. We can do this either using Quest Active Roles cmdlets or by using native cmdlets that comes along with Windows 7 installation. In this post, I am going to demonstrate and show you the native method. To use […]


Have you started using Group Policy Preferences lately to manage your Windows 7 and Windows 2008 computers? It is possible that Group Policy Preferences can cause increase in login times in your environment if security groups are used for targeting preferences. For example, you may be mapping drives based on user security group membership(ex: sales, […]

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Are you new to Group policies? Looking for a document to get basics? Well Microsoft has recently released a document which helps beginners to understand basics of GPOs. This document explains various components of GPOs and their usage. You can download this document from here


Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 are having real good amount of new GPO settings that IT administrators can manage on their Client and server computers. These includes, controlling the USB devices, configuring firewall rules, and many more. One can go through gpedit to get a understanding of all the settings but that is time […]


Windows needs to download and install a software driver from the \<servername> computer print to <printer-name>. Proceed only if you trust the \<servername> compuer and the network. You might see above message with “UAC” prompt to install drivers while adding network printers from a windows 7 computer. This behavior is expected as normal users are not […]


German AD team has announced a sweet online tool( which helps windows administrators in easily locating their GPO settings. It’s pretty useful tool in case if you want to refer a setting, regkey, path, description of a particular GPO to a friend or forum member. I like it for two major reasons… 1) The easy […]


I recently read a article in Microsoft DS blog about the change in the way GPOs processes startup/logon scripts in Windows 7 and Windows 2008. The thing here is that, till XP/2003 days, computer startup/user logon scrips used to get executed in synchronous manner. That means, if you have more than a script configured in […]


I came across nice PPT which is explaining about today and tomorrows of Group policy infrastructure. It gives a general over view of what you can do with GPOs/GPPs in Windows 7/2008 and I felt it is useful to my blog readers; hence writing this post. You can get this presentation from this download link. […]


 I had spent real huge amount of time in dealing with drive mapping in Group Policy preferences in last week. It’s easy as you see, but very difficult when you want to troubleshooting. So, I decided to write this post to help my blog visitors by providing as much as information I have gathered/learnt in […]


People familiar with UseEnv logging for GPO debugging on Windows XP can forget that procedure if you started looking into Windows 7 operating Systems. Things have really changed and you should follow the below procedure enable debug logging on Windows 7 Computer. I guess this procedure works straight away with Windows 2008 hosts as well(I […]