May 2012

The g|day events are an opportunity for businesses and web developers to learn more about Google products and the opportunities that are available online. The Full Schedule:  g|chennai – 19 / 20 July g|bangalore – 2 / 3 August g|hyderabad – 13 / 14 August g|mumbai – 6 / 7 September g|delhi – 13 / […]

{ 0 comments } is offering kindle version of VMWare VSphere 4.1 HA and DRS technical deepdive guide for free of cost. If you are a VMWare guy, go and get the copy if you don’t have it already. Book Description: VMware vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Technical Deepdive zooms in on two key components of every […]


I want to write about another quick post before I sign off today. One of my friend asked me how to get Manager of a user from active directory using powershell. He seem to have tried ActiveDirectory module to get this information but it never returned any data. So, I this post I want to […]


This simple script will help you to get the list of ALL(both direct and indirect groups) the current user belongs. Generally we use Quest cmdlets to get this direct and indirect group membership information but this script uses buil-in dotnet method which is available on all computers if you have dotnet installed. So, no need […]


I came across below interesting reading which talks about A-Z things needed for becoming Microsoft Certified Master(MCM) in Active Directory. MCM is the highest level of Certification given by Microsoft for people who excel in a given technology. Current MCM is available for Exchange, SQL, Lync, Sharepoint and Active Directory. Hope you will find […]


This is continuation to my previous post. I want to add more commands that System Administrator require to manage XenApp environment using powershell. Below are some of them. I will extend the list as and when I find something. Get the list of Users currently using a published XenApp Application: Get-XASession -BrowserName notepad | select […]


Today I got a requirement to find out the list of Citrix XenApp Servers where a application is published. All I have is the name of the published application. Though I have been using powershell for a while now, I never tried it in Citrix environment. I took me some time to figure out the […]

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I get the below error sometimes while working with powershell scripts. Every time I end up spending some efforts to recollect what I have done previously to fix this. This time I decided to document it for my quick reference and for other powershell users. ERROR Message: Unexpected attribute ‘cmdletbinding’. At line:24 char:15 + [cmdletbinding […]


The below script helps you to query scheduled tasks from remote computer which is running with Windows 7/Windows 2008  or above. You can use this script to query multiple computers to get all the scheduled tasks. You can also query the computer by using a scheduled task name as well. [cmdletbinding()] param ( [parameter(ValueFromPipeline=$true,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true)] [string[]] […]


I recently came across a need for setting “Send As” and “Send on Behalf” permissions for a group of users on  a Distribution Group(so called mailing list). While looking out for the procedure to do it in 2010 environment, I stumbled on two articles from “” which are very informative and up to the task. […]