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Find list of Hyper-V servers in domain using PowerShell

The PowerShell function discussed in this article will help you to find out list of Hyper-V servers in Domain.

In today’s post, let us see how to find list of Hyper-V servers in domain. Whenever a Hyper-V server is added to active directory, it creates a Service Connection point (SCP) object in Active Directory under the Hyper-V server computer name with name “Microsoft Hyper-V”. This SCP can be used to discover list of Hyper-V servers in active directory. Both Hyper-V2008 and 2012 exhibit this behavior. Now let us form a script based on this information to get Hyper-V servers in Active Directory.


function Get-HyperVServersInDomain {            
try {            
 Import-Module ActiveDirectory -ErrorAction Stop            
} catch {            
 Write-Warning "Failed to import Active Directory module. Exiting"            

try {            
 $Hypervs = Get-ADObject -Filter 'ObjectClass -eq "serviceConnectionPoint" -and Name -eq "Microsoft Hyper-V"' -ErrorAction Stop            
} catch {            
 Write-Error "Failed to query active directory. More details : $_"            
foreach($Hyperv in $Hypervs) {            
 $temp = $Hyperv.DistinguishedName.split(",")            
 $HypervDN = $temp[1..$temp.Count] -join ","            
 $Comp = Get-ADComputer -Id $HypervDN -Prop *            
 $OutputObj = New-Object PSObject -Prop (            
  HyperVName = $Comp.Name            
  OSVersion = $($comp.operatingSystem)            

In this script I am using a flaky code to get computer DN from SCP DN. I couldn’t find any better way at the moment. Please share if you are aware of any.



Hope this helps.

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  • Lisa Lyons June 17, 2016, 3:45 pm

    This is great and works a treat!

    However, I have a need to expand it to query all of the domains in our forest, is there an easy way to do this?

    • Wintel Rocks June 19, 2016, 9:25 pm

      You can query all domains in a forest by using (Get-ADForest).Domains

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