PowerShell: Quick and easy to start stop a remote service

by Sitaram Pamarthi on November 22, 2011

Do you like one liners in powershell? Here is the quick and easy way to start, stop, restart a service on remote computer. This doesn’t require PowerShell remoting. That means you can use it against any computer which has windows operating system installed.

So far I have authored two articles on managing services using powershell:

  1. Start/Stop/Restart service on remote computer with powershell
  2. PowerShell: Start and stop services on remote computer with alternate credentials

The first one I wrote when I was not matured enough with PowerShell and the second one recently to address a specific requirement where user need to pass alternate credentials to manage services.

As most system administrators love to use poweshell one-liners which avoids any external script/module invocation, I want to share this little one which starts, stops, and restarts a service on remote computer.

Start a service on remote computer:

Start-Service -InputObject $(Get-Service -Computer COMPUTER1 -Name spooler)

Stop a service on remote computer:

Stop-Service -InputObject $(Get-Service -Computer COMPUTER1 -Name spooler)

Restart a service on remote computer:

Restart-Service -InputObject $(Get-Service -Computer COMPUTER1 -Name spooler)

Hope these little ones helps.

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