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Know to which Active Directory site your IP belongs

Today, I quickly wanted to check to which AD site a IP belongs to. If I am the computer where that IP is assinged, it is wasy to find out this information. Since that computer is offline/not reachable, I need some other way.

After bit of googling, I came across below usage of dfsutil. I am very familiar with DFSUTIL but never focused much on the “/sitename” parameter.

So, here you go, if your computer IP is, you know to which AD site it belongs by executing “dfsutil.exe /sitename:” and outlook will display the site name.

C:>dfsutil /sitename:

Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) Dfs Utility Version 4.2
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1991-2005. All Rights Reserved.

 Site for is INDIA

Done processing this command.


In above example INDIA is my active directory site name.