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One Click To Get User Information From Active Directory

While working with Active Directory Users and Computers, I felt pain sometimes, to see when the user is modified last, home mailbox server, User account is locked or not, and many other parameters. I need to go to user properties and check each piece of information in each tab. Sometimes, I miss to enable “advanced features” option which gives me some more details in properties. I felt it’s enough and questioned myself, “Do I need to really navigate to all tabs in User properties to get the information I want?” and asked my friend “google.com” which showed me some way out J

I found lot of help over internet to add a new option to User Context menu and clicking which invokes a VB script. I quickly followed the procedure and I am able to get the work done in the way I like (“One Click to get User Info”).

Please note that you need to write your own script based on the attributes you want to view. I wrote a script (Get-User-Info.Vbs) which satisfied my needs and placed it at Google Documents for public reference


  • Logon to any machine where you have Windows 2003 support tools installed and type “adsiedit.msc” in RUN command.
  • It opens up ADSI Edit MMC. Configuration Container -> “Cn=Configuration,DC=Yourdomain,DC=COM” -> “CN=DisplaySpecifiers” -> “CN=409”
  • In right hand pane, go to the properties of “CN=User-Display” object and edit the attribute, “adminContextMenu” in Attribute Edit tab
  • Add the below value (without quotes) to list. There might be some other entries which has 6 at the beginning; choose another number if that is the case

    “6, &Show User Info,\yourdomain.comnetlogonget-user-info.vbs”

    Note: In above command I mentioned the DFS share. You can change it to any other share in file server as per your convenience. Please remember to place the script at the location your are mentioning

  • Click on OK to finish your editing and reopen the “Active Directory Users and Computers” MMC.

Now Right click on any user account, and you will be able to see “Show User Info” option. When you click this, the script will get invoked and displays the result you are looking for. Look at the below pictures.

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