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Recover Active Directory objects using PowerShell

I am an avid fan of quest products when it comes to Active Directory restoration. Their products make you to restore objects in active directory without taking the domain controller offline to DSRM mode. There are many products available in market but it is efficient than other in my opinions. The purpose of writing this post is not give publicity for Quest product but I want to take you through couple of videos from Quest which shows how seamless it is to restore objects from active directory. These videos are completely for Windows 2008 R2 where “Recycle bin” option feature is functional. Refer to Technet if you want to know more about “Recycle bin” optional feature in Active Directory 2008 and “Active Directory Recycle Bin Step-by-Step Guide”.
Recover single object using Quest AD Cmdlets:
Recover OU structure using Quest AD Cmdlets:
You can also do this with PowerPack from PowerGUI which is a cost effective solution compared to Quest products. This PowerPack helps you to recover deleted objects from Active Directory recycle bin only but not the items which enterd tombstone — that means it is out of recyclebin.

Visit this blog entry to know more about the PowerPack for recovering AD. Below video give you the procedure for operating the PowerPack.

Happy Learning..,
Sitaram Pamarthi