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Exchange 2010 “Automatic mailbox distribution” feature

In exchange 2010 environment, if you don’t provide the database name to cmdlets like new-mailbox, enable-mailbox, and new-moverequest, exchange automatically chooses a database using a process called “Automatic mailbox distribution” feature.

It sounds little weird and scary, but this might be a handy feature for environment where exchange environment is large and mailbox creation process is delegated to multiple people.

Some of the highlights of this feature

  1. You have options to exclude a few databases from automatic selection process
  2. You can choose to exclude a database either permanently or temporarily
  3. You can allow a mailbox creation process from a group administrators to choose mailbox database from a predefined list

You can read more details about this feature at TechNet site[http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff872148.aspx]