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Disable un-signed drivers installation prompt in Windows XP

Most often, users of windows XP will get below signing prompt while installing some devices in their computers. Basically XP computer is looking for drivers which are signed by Microsoft for the device you are installing. But not all the drivers are signed by Microsoft and that doesn’t mean that you can not install them in XP. This is a kind of security measure from Microsoft to help XP users. If you are confidant that this drive won’t cause any problems, then you can go ahead and install.

Follow the below steps to disable the Device Driver Signing Check in XP:

  1.  Logon to XP computer with Administrator rights
  2. Go to “My Computer” properties, “Hardware” tab, and select “Driver Signing” button
  3. In Drive signing options window, select block option and click on OK.
  4. This disables the driver signing and it won’t prompt you again.

Hope this information helps you.

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  • Cekart August 30, 2010, 4:02 am

    Hi, i was having too much trouble with driver on my computer because every time i plug something on the usb ports, the device installation wizard told that the drivers were not signed.. but this was happening even when i connected a microsoft sidewinder gamepad.

    So i thougt something was wrong with my computer, and doing a little search on google came across your post. So i did the config changes, but when i hit the ok button on the driver signing options window, i accidentally pressed the enter key on my keyboard, and since i was in the hardware tab on the system properties window, the focus was on the “driver signing” button, so entered again, and to my surprise, the “warn” option on the actions part was selected, although i selected the ignore option just a second ago. I thought i missclicked it and selected “ignore”, hit ok, and entered again to check.

    and there it was… the “warn” option selected again…
    i tried like a zillion times again to no avail.

    since you provided me with the answer to my first problem…. i thought you could know something about this strange events on my computer… adding the fact that even when i plug a microsoft device that doesn’t even need drivers because windows already has drivers for it, the system says the drivers are unsigned….

    i just don´t know what to do….is my pc haunted or something?? lol

  • Sitaram Pamarthi August 31, 2010, 10:45 pm

    That sounds very weird. Switch from “warn” to “ideal” should work ideally, but I don’t want to ask you do that zillion+1th time.

    If you have good system state backup, I suggest you to revert to that. Otherwise, as a option, try changing it to “block” reboot the PC, then change it to “ignore” and see if it works.