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Today is happy moment to my blog

I am excited to say that today my blog has crossed 1lakh visits(1,00,000). It’s been close to 1.5 years since I started this blog and I am happy that this blog helped so some of my fellow sys admins in the world.

The major motive to start this blog is to help the people in internet who search for information. I depend on a lot on public forums, blogs, and articles to resolve various issues that arise with technology in the firm where I work. Since I am benefited from the experience of others who is sharing it, I wanted to make my experience online so that it can help others and save some time and efforts for them. On this wonderful moment I want to make some changes to the way I blog.

So far, I am the only author in this blog. Looking at the responses I am receiving and thrust for knowledge/information in internet, I want to expand the scope of it. That is providing more and more information to my blog readers and also to people who land on my site from Google search. Well, I know that this is not an easy task. I have to increase the time if I decide to continue work on this blog alone. Instead, I have some plans in mind which I want to implement to make this blog richer in terms of information.

My ideas are like this…

  1. Invite my friends to share the information: It is fortunate that most of my friends and college juniors are system administrators by profession. They work in different fields of system administrations like windows, UNIX, and networks. I want to take their help and encourage keeping it in the blog in very simple terms (saves time for them and information is online).
  2. Invite tips/Tricks: While I search for information on internet, I come across, some interest tips which generally benefits system administrators. Most of the times, I try to put it on my blog so that it is helpful to my blog readers. While this is true with me, some of my friends told me, they too come across such tips but don’t have time (or laziness?) to keep it online. If you are also like my friends, don’t hesitate to just send me an email with brief description of the tip/trick/tool that you came across. I will take care of rest and keep it online with on behalf of you (of course, credit goes to you only) when I find some time.
  3. UserGroup in the place where I live: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a explicit System Administrators User Group in the place I live (Hyderabad, India)where as other major cities in INDIA are very well running some System Administrator’s user groups to share their knowledge and  experience. So, I am planning to have one for system administrators in Hyderabad as well. I know, this is not an easy task and achievable with ones interest. It will see success only if other people in my niche here feels the same vision as mine.

Thanks for reading my long rambling of thoughts. Thanks again for being part of my blog and success to achieve this wonderful 1Lakh milestone.

Please keep sharing your valuable feedback and ideas.

I wish all my dear Indians a very happy INDEPENDENCE DAY.

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  • Uma August 16, 2011, 12:58 pm

    Hi Dear,

    Congratulations!!! Keep Blogging 🙂