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My visit to Lok Satta Party Office

“Lok Satta…”, I have heard this name many times before as a political party name; but I never got a chance to see what it is exactly(I am Honest.. :-)). Last week, DBM(D. Bala Murali; my senior in college) invited me to Lok Satta party office along with his crew. We all made it on March 7th and gathered around 2:00PM at party office. Before stepping into that place, I imagined the party office as a BIG building located aside of one of Hyderabads most happening road and crowded with party leaders and supporters (tv clips of other parties made me to assume like this. I have never been to any party office before). But all my imaginations went wrong. It is a middle aged building which is located inside a small street where you will find tough to park your vehicle :-). We all went into the office. A few people are there who are busy in their works. DBM enquired in the reception about our appointment and they asked us to wait for some time as JP is not available. So, I spent my time by looking at the photos pasted in notice board which are describing party services to public. They really gave me some good feeling about the party activities. We met Mr.Karthik(A IIT grad and official spokesman of LokSatta party) in second floor. DBM introduced all of us to Karthik as he knew him before. Karthik made us to sit in the visitors room of JP and we spent few more minutes there by going through the expo of awards presented to Lok Satta. While we are busy in chatting, a person in black pant and white shirt passed through us and I could see everyone wishing him. It took me few seconds to realize that he is none other than JP (I am poor in recognizing the faces 🙁 ). We are asked to enter JP room by one of the person there and we did it immediately with lot of enthusiasm to see him.

What happened inside…

JP made us to sit comfortably and asked about our profiles. He is very happy about our step towards participating in Lok Satta and he also explained the need for youth in politics. He criticized current corrupted Govt in general and he wants to see active participation from young people.

“Your future, goals and responsibilities should not get spoiled due to services you are offering to the party. Instead spare your free time.”, JP stressed this point in our conversation..

He also encouraged us to motivate more people by conveying the importance of VOTE and voting for eligible party by looking at the facts. Also he used our native language “TELUGU” while speaking to us. There are no shades of proud in his words. I really love the way he addressed us. He also told that, interested(I repeat the word, interested) people are encouraged to contribute starting from Rs. 250/- to any amount which they feel comfortable. He again mentioned that, the contribution amount will come u/s 80C for tax exemption and they are giving proper document for claiming. I don’t think other parties does in this way. After spending few minutes with him, we took a group photo and left his cabin with courage to help the nation (and people indirectly).

What we did next…

We met Karthik again and he answered few of the questions we shooted at him. He noted that every eligible person should get his voter identity as a first thing. Karthik asked us to get tied-up with our area local lok satta candidates for participating in future party activities of any kind based on our interested. We also joined in Lok Satta as a member and shared our communication details to receive any further notifications about party activities.

And this finished our visit to Lok Satta party office. I really enjoyed the moments spent there.

So, what next:-

Well, JPs words really energized me to do some thing good for the nation and for the people. I will go through the party agenda and their activities as my first step to understand more about what lok satta. If that really inspires me further, I will contribute my best. By the time I am writing post, I don’t know even 10% about the party; so, it is not good to take decision now on what can be done next. Personally, I feel that Lok Satta party is having lack of publicity to reach people and most of the people are not aware what this party is doing. So, I will use this post to spread the news across my friends network.

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Sitaram Pamarthi

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  • Gaddams March 23, 2009, 8:30 pm

    I heard about LokSatta but never showed much interest to know about the party. I came to know few things about it from your blog… Nice to read your experience…

    – Gaddams

  • Veena April 17, 2009, 12:18 pm

    Excellent narration!!!

  • Veena April 17, 2009, 12:19 pm

    Excellent narration!!!

  • Sitaram Pamarthi April 17, 2009, 5:21 pm

    Thanks Veena. 🙂

  • sruthi April 13, 2012, 11:20 am

    me and my friends also went through these experiences and it was awsome…
    by the by superb narration..