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Cheat Sheet for Process Management using PowerShell

Cheat Sheet for Process Management is a small handy guide for any process related operations using PowerShell. It covers most common and basic things related to windows processes that any Windows Admin want to perform on a day to day basis. If you are in the process of learning PowerShell, I prefer you keep a print of it at desk as a quick reference. These are simple one liners which are targeted perform more common tasks.

The current version of this cheat sheet covers following basic tasks. If you have any suggestion to include new items, please drop me a note(see about section in my blog).

  • Get all processes and list name, PID, exe path
  • Check if a process is running by Name
  • Check if a process is running(by PID)
  • Kill a process by name
  • Kill a process by pid
  • Query full path of a process executable
  • Get process id of a process
  • Get owner(user name) of a process
  • Get Creation time of a process
  • Start a new process(locally)
  • Start a new process(locally) and get pid of it
  • Start a new process(remotely)

Do you like this idea of preparing Cheat Sheet for frequently used PowerShell commands?? Provide your feed back in comments sections. That helps me to prepare future guides in the same line.


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  • Raj August 20, 2014, 9:30 pm

    I would like ask how to create a script that able schedule for ping all the Pc in factory by IP and Vlan range and then convert it to excel report.example :
    Series of IP Address – – –

    The output of the report in excel like below
    Ip Address Hostname Mac Address Operating system
    | (till)
    | (till)