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PowerShell : Query WSUS Server Database(SUSDB) Details

Today I got some requirement to verify the database name and DB server details of WSUS servers. This configuration is available inside HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup registry key of each WSUS server. So, I can query this registry value to find out what is the name of WSUS DB and DB server.

But out of curiosity, I started looked at the WSUS API that Boe Prox demonstrated in several articles on Script Guys blog as well as his personal blog. In past I have used this API query several other information like members of a WSUS group, patch approval status, and other information. So I thought it should have the DB details as well.

Luckily, I got what I need in few minutes. The root WSUS API object itself is having a method called GetDatabaseConfiguration which can return SUSDB and Database server details.

I wrapped this method inside a small function and I got what I need. Below is the sample code if you want to query this information.

function Get-WSUSDBDetails {            

$WSUSObj = [Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.AdminProxy]::getUpdateServer($WSUSServer,$False)            


Happy learning…