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Pstip# Get Drive letter from a path

When working with paths it is often required to find out the drive letter of of a path. I generally do this using Dotnet methods, but just realized that PowerShell has a buil-in way to do this.

The Split-Path cmdlet can help you doing this. Look at the before sample code.

function Get-DriveLetterFromPath {            

Try {            
    if(Split-Path -Path $Path -IsAbsolute) {            
        Split-Path -Path $Path -Qualifier -Resolve:$Resolve -ErrorAction Stop            

} catch {            
    Write-Host "Failed to get drive letter. Details : $_"            


This function has one mandatory parameter name -Path and one optional parameter -Resolve. The -Resolve parameter will resolve the path that you are passing through Path parameter.

Hope you find this useful.