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SCOM: Logical disk space alerts not showing percentage and MB free space

You might notice that “Logical disk space”  alert in SCOM not showing % free space and MB free space in alert description. This is because you have upgraded your base OS management pack to “V6.0.6958.0” recently. Per Kevin’s blog, this expected with latest version of Base OS MP. As part of latest MP writing, the script that fetches the disk space values was completely re-written to support consecutive samples monitoring type and the re-written script is not returning these values to the SCOM; hence you are no information about free space in alert description.

I am sure most SCOM users won’t like this. This information loss will create some ambiguity and it is difficult to distinguish between cases which just exceed the thresholds and worse cases where just few MBs of data available.

MS may come with some latest MP to fix this issue. Till then you can use the workaround created by Kevin in the his blog. He has given two monitors which you can use against 2003/2008 hosts so that you can see the details you need. These monitors are extracted from previous version of base OS MP  so the functionality will remain same.



Hope this helps.