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Download Google Chrome OS

If you want to get your hands into the new Google Chrome OS, here you go.Google OS login screen

Download the VMDK file(compatible with Vmware Server/workstation/fusion) from here and setup your own instance.

Below are the some of interesting notes about Google OS  [ Courtesy : Manan’s Blog].

  • It will be launched next year (they wanted to cash in on Microsoft’s PDC09. Cheapos!)
  • It’s ONLY meant for Netbooks.
  • The OS looks exactly like the Chrome browser.
  • It’ll be locked to the hardware, like Apple the OS will come bundled on Netbooks.
  • It is an Open Source project and bits are available for developers now.
  • It is based on Debian. It’s basically just another Linux distro.
  • Everything you do will be stored online. Notes and documents will be synced to Google Docs.
  • No native applications.
  • The current build can be compiled and installed on any machine.
  • An App store is likely & no word on weather it will support Android apps, nothing certain but maybe.

At present there are not much application available in Google OS to play with. But look like developers already started their work to bring their apps Chrome compatible. The thing I like abou this is, you need to use your gmail ID for login(I think Google Apps IDs also will work, but haven’t tried) and it becomes one dash board for all google realted services.

Google OS applications

Write in comments section if you find any other interesting news about Google OS.

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