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How to change/reset HP ILO password from Operating System

In this article I will show you how to change/reset HP ILO password from Operating System without going to HP ILO console.

Quite often it happens that we forget ILO passwords. It also happens that person who changed ILO password is not available and the password is not stored anywhere. This is a tough situation if you want to manage the server remotely via ILO. HP has developed a tool called “HP ONLINE Configuration (HPONCFG)” using which you can access all ILO settings.

There are two versions of this tool.

  1. Command line
  2. GUI

You can get both of them by downloading and installing HPONCFG from HP site (http://www.hp.com/support/ilo2 ) for the operating system where you want to change ILO settings.

Once downloaded, go to the installation directory(generally C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg\)  and launch hponcfg_gui.exe to launch the utility. Make sure to do it as administrator; otherwise it won’t work. After launching, go to “Users” tab and you know what to do from there.

Apart from changing/resetting ILO passwords for users, you can also manage various other settings of ILO from this UI. You can change ILO IP address, change DHCP options, change ILO DNS servers, etc.

If you already know the password and looking for a way to change the password remotely via some automation, then refer my previous article (Change HP ILO User Password using Powershell).

Hope this helps and happy learning.