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Quick way to open elevated command prompt in Windows 8.1

I am using Windows 8 for quite some time. Since I have UAC enabled in my computer, I need elevated command prompt to perform some actions. There are many articles on internet explaining different procedures to open an elevated command prompt. Most of them are using the search option in Windows 8. These approaches are taking more than 2-3 clicks to open a command prompt and being a system administrator I hate to follow such no. of steps to open my frequently used app. After some search over internet, I found my answer. It is as simple as pressing “Windows logo key Windows logo key +X” and then “A”. When you press Windows logo key Windows logo key +X, it will open Quick menu like shown in below screen and now pressing A will open command prompt in elevated mode. There are quite useful other shortcuts also available here.

Do you want to see how quick I can open now?