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I don’t want to sit ideal when computer is building

Have you ever experienced the scenario where you kept your PC under build and waiting for it to complete by sitting ideal in front of it? How about a facility which allows you to access application like IE, RDP, command prompt, task manager, etc while the system build is actually in progress? It’s possible in windows with a key stroke when the build is in GUI mode.

After you see build entering the GUI mode, press SHIFT + F10 and it will present you with a command prompt. From there on you can start the windows basic applications like iexplore.exe, taskmanager.exe using start from command prompt like below. I tested this on Windows 7 and works like a champ. Btw, this is a pretty old cheat that I used during windows XP installation almost 6 years ago.

C:> start iexplore.exe

C:>start taskmanager.exe

Hope this little tip helps you. I used this to see few log files while my build scripts are running for debugging purpose. With this I caught the errors early and took appropriate action without waiting for build completion.

Do you know any way better than this? Please share.