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Copy command output to clip board

The general practices for capturing the command output from command prompt are…

a) Type the command -> capture the output as shown in below window

b) Using redirection
ex: c:>ipconfig /all > ipdetails.txt

Though both the above mentioned methods seems simple, there is another simplest way to capture the command output to clip board using the clip.exe command. After copying to clipboard, you can copy it to some text file or mail or into any other program.


c:>ipconfig /all | clip

This command places the output of ipconfig command to clipboard. This way is pretty useful when the output you need to capture is very long and command . Clip captures the output regardless of if it is information or error message or output. What ever is the output it simply places into clipboard

Note:Clip command is available by default in windows 2003. If you want to use this in Windows XP, you need to copy clip.exe from windows 2003 server to c:windows directory on XP machine. This is also available for download.