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WMI Code Generator — a easy tool for WMI code generation

I generally use Scriptomatic Tool for samples of WMI queries using VBscripts. It is useful and servers the purpose in many conditions. But I decided to stop using it…because, I am impressed with Microsofts new Tool “WMI Code Generator” — yay.. 🙂

It is really a rich version of Scriptomatic tool. Using WMI code generator, you can generate scripts for specific property, work with wmi events, and many more along with wmi code samples.

It helps you to,

  • Get samples codes for all WMI classes
  • Has the capability to generate code for selected properties
  • Supports and WMI methods execution
  • Supports WMI events code generation
  • Browsing WMI made easy
  • More importently, you can run this with normal user account and no installation is required. In case of scriptomatic, you should use administrator account to run it.

So, don’t miss it…


Download link is here..

Reference :


Happy Learning..,
Sitaram Pamarthi

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  • Ryan Armstrong March 6, 2012, 6:06 pm

    WMI Studio is also another alternative in its early development life. I’d love some feedback on the tool if you have a moment but more importantly, I hope it will be of greater use to you as it allows you to view WMI documentation and can produce code in more languages (including a tempting engine very soon). It can also perform instance queries and has a nicer UI.

    Please see http://www.cavaliercoder.com/wmi-studio