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Disable/enable network connections on windows 2008 core

Since windows core provides a CLI based interface, it necessitates learning command line stuff for system administrators. Though most of the tasks can be performed remotely, tasks related to network has to be done from the Core console itself. Here in this post, I will provide you two simple commands to enable and disable network connections from Windows 2008 Core console.

First let’s see the list of network adapters available in the server.

Netsh interface ipv4 show interface

Now disable the connection with name “Local Area Connection 2”

netsh interface set interface “Local Area Connection 2” DISABLE

Similarly, to enable a connection back, just replace DISABLE with ENABLE in above command.

I recommend doing these operations from server console(or ILO/DRAC) directly as this can cause network interruptions and running these commands can take your server out of network. Cross verify the commands and run them with caution.