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Disable TCP/IP “Auto Tuning” in windows 7/vista/windows 2008 R2

Since last one and half year, I have been working on Windows 7 Operating system and in my experience “Auto Tuning” in windows 7/vista/windows 2008 R2 is the most possible culprit for any network related problems. If you see a network related problem in these operating systems and cannot determine what is the cause, I suggest you try disabling “auto tuning” first.

I know that “auto tuning” is one of the features introduced with windows 7/vista to improve OS operations on network. Basically what it does is, it adjusts the TCP window size to improve the network operations. Though it sounds good in theory, I have seen numerous amount of posts over internet where disabling “auto tuning” addressed many issues like, slow data copy, slowness in email delivery, slow outlook mail caching times, and a few application data transfer related issues. Most of these issues you will see when performing the transfer operations over a WAN link.

So, considering above all, I would like to share the procedure for disabling/enabling “Auto Tuning” in windows 7 environment which may come handy for you in troubleshooting network related issues…


  1. Open Command prompt with elevated rights
  2. Run the command netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
  3. This disables the auto tuning
  4. Similar to enable auto tuning back, use the command netsh interface tcp set global autotuningl=normal

 If you want to see the current status of auto tuning, use netsh interface tcp show global

Hope this helps you.

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