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Windows 7: Unveil hidden themes

Windows 7 comes with a few default themes which you can view from “Control Panel” -> “Appearance and Personalization” -> “Change the theme”. While exploring something today, I came across a hidden location where a few more window 7 themes are available.

To access the location, go to start -> Run and type “c:\Windows\Globalization\mct”. This lists the folders and here you can see the themes for “AU – Australia”, “CA- Canada”, “US – United States”, “GB – United Kingdom”,  and “ZA – South Africa”. Out of these we generally see United Stated theme only in control panel. This is because of most of us select Country/language as US during the installation. If we choose some other country during the installation, the respective theme will get added.

If you like any theme in these hidden ones, just go to that folder and execute the file inside themes folder to install and activate it. I liked ZA theme among them 🙂