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How to find software or device compatibility with Windows 8

Ever since Windows 8 consumer preview is out, I wanted to upgrade my Home PC. Given I have only one PC, it has some softwares which I use regularly. If some of them not working, then I can do nothing but reverting old OS. That is a waste of time and efforts. I need to install every thing again on after rebuilding with XP/Windows 7 OS.

So, Isn’t it nice if there is a place which can tell me a software or device is compatible with windows 8 Beta? I use software like Nero, VLC player, iTunes and many others on my current home PC and would like to know if they are compatible with windows 8 so that I can consider migrating.

Hurry… There is a way out there…. MS has given a online facility where you can just type in your software or device name to find out the compatibility. In some cases you may need to upgrade the version of software which is totally fine.

I did search for my wish list of softwares that I want to move to windows 8 and go the results I need. You can also do it by visiting below URL to verify the compatibility of your software or devices like printers, mobile devices, gaming devices etc. The list that is given in the website seems to be huge and covering most applications and devices that a normal user need. Don’t look for software you developed or has got it developed. No surprise you won’t see them in the list 🙂



Hope this helps… Happy evaluation…

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  • surfacetablet December 31, 2012, 8:40 pm

    Thank you. I want to update to windows 8 pro and I am also looking for a way to check the device compatibility with Windows 8. This is what I need.