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WordPress — Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute

My wordpress dashboard showing notifications for while about new updates of some of the plug-ins I use. Since the updates are for important plug-ins I decided to install them. The moment I select the plug-ins and upgrade, the dashboard started showing the message that entering maintenance mode and upgrading the plug-ins. I thought it is expected and left the window like that and searching in google for something else. After sometime, I accessed my blog URL and it gave me a message that “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”. I waited for some more time but no change in status. It didn’t took me much time to realize that some thing has screwed my blog. Surprisingly the dashboard also not available and throwing same message.

I googled about this error  and understood that it is a sort of bug with WordPress which leaves website in maintenance mode while upgrading the plug-ins. The solution to this problem is as follows…

  1. Connect to your site using FTP. I prefer using some rich clients than using ftp from command line. My favorite is FileZilla
  2. Go to the WP installation directory where you will find wp-admin, wp-content folders.
  3. Locate .maintenance file and delete 
  4. Access your website now and it should be back. So did mine.