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PowerShell get process creation time

Have you ever had a requirement to see when a process is started? I generally come across this requirement. Every time, I use process explorer to fetch this data, but today I decided to have my own powershell function.

The Get-Process cmdlet will not provide you any details about process creation time. You definitely need to rely on a WMI query against win32_process class for this information. So, here is the code.

function Get-ProcessCreationTime {
$computer = $env:COMPUTERNAME
if($Name) {

([wmi]””).ConvertToDateTime((gwmi -Class Win32_Process -computer $computer -Filter “Name=’$Name'”).CreationDate)


if($Processid) {

([wmi]””).ConvertToDateTime((gwmi -Class Win32_Process -computer $computer -Filter “handle=’$Processid'”).CreationDate)



Usage :

Get-ProcessCreationTime -Name notepad.exe

Get-ProcessCreationTime -ProcessId 1234

Use -Computer parameter if you want to query process creation time from remote computer.

Note: Currently this function won’t support if there is more than one instance of a given process. For example, this might throw errors if multiple notepad processes are running in computer and you query for notepad.exe process creation time. In such case I prefer using -ProcessID parameter. Soon I will update this function to handle multiple processes as well.

Hope this helps…. Happy learning…