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Singapore PowerShell Saturday #009 — My experience

Last Saturday I attended Singapore PowerShell Saturday #009 event. This is my second PS event(read details of first event here) and what is special for me this time is, I presented on a topic.

PowerShell and WMI” is the topic I chose since this is very useful for any Windows System administrator and they can straightway try this at work. You can get a copy of my presentation from the links given at the end of the article.

Matt Hitchcock presented on new features in Windows PowerShell V5 and a few PowerShell editors from SAPIEN. His PPT has lot of useful links about various new features in PowerShell V5, I stashed them in favorites for now and will read them soon.

Milton Goh presented on Managing Azure with PowerShell. It’s a kick start for me and will definitely explore this platform as this is the future for IT. I liked the videos she shared and the way he presented. Nice.

There was also a short presentation from Katherine Chen (SEA MVP Lead) overviewing Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program(a.k.a MVP). It’s informative. Now I know how many MVPs are in Singapore J

After stomach full lunch, the hands-on session started. Below two challenges are given to the participants and they worked hard to show their version of code to complete the challenges. PowerShell script analyser is the judge for analyzing the participant’s code for best practices. It’s a cool tool, you should try it out as well.

  1. Read the DHCP IP address, subnet, gateway, DNS servers details from all NICs in a remote server and convert these details to static
  2. Write a script that can detect and shout when a USB is plugged or unplugged into the computer.

Overall, it’s a good learning experience. You can download all presentations from below link.


Thanks to Srinivas Addagatla and Satish Manchana (my friends/senior) for being there in the session and their support and encouragement.

If you are in Singapore and would like to join this group, use one of the below handles to subscribe.

Happy learning..

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