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Synchronizing SCOM Groups with Active Directory Groups

Last couple of weeks I am actively working on SCOM. Initially I thought it is easy to sync Active Directory Group members with SCOM group members since both are MS babies. But my assumption was wrong and it is not that easy. I explored a bit more about available options to auto populate SCOM group membership but there are no easy ways. Initially I came across a option where I had to export the current groups members using a script in XML format, and then play with XML tags to include new members and import the XML back to get the new members added to groups. This looked very cumbersome to me. After some research I came across an interesting post where the author discussed about populating SCOM group membership from external sources using discovery.

Here the article I am referring to http://blogs.msdn.com/b/boris_yanushpolsky/archive/2008/10/26/populating-groups-from-external-sources.aspx

All we need to do here is, create a custom VB script which queries AD directly and returns the members and configure the script in discovery portion of SCOM group definition XML. I felt this is much easy and better way available in web and kudos to author for publishing this information.

In next few days you will see more powershell scripts from me in SCOM area.

Happy learning….