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While researching for some material to prepare my previous article, I stumbled on one of the posts of “Microsoft at work” blog. The post is about best practices to give good life to your battery. The points discussed in the article are interesting and I felt worth sharing it. You can read the article at […]


Are you looking for a way to change power plan on local or remote computer? You are at the right place. The script discussed in this article will help you in changing the power plans in PowerShell way. MS built-in tool(powercfg.exe) is available that can also help you to do this job. But I am […]

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Windows 7 comes with a few default themes which you can view from “Control Panel” -> “Appearance and Personalization” -> “Change the theme”. While exploring something today, I came across a hidden location where a few more window 7 themes are available. To access the location, go to start -> Run and type “c:\Windows\Globalization\mct”. This […]


Yesterday I wrote about different ways to check how much charge is left in the laptop battery. After that I explored win32_battery WMI class further and got some more useful information. How do you know your battery current status, like is it charging properly?, is it running low, it is full with charge, it is […]


In this post, I will show you how to pragmatically query battery status in laptops using powershell. It is important to check batter status before performing some critical tasks like patch updates or service pack updates via some automation(s). If the laptop charging drains down in middle of the upgrade, it can corrupt the operating […]


  Backup Procedure: Go to Start -> Run and type “%appdata%MicrosoftSticky Notes” and Click “OK” This opens the location of Sticky Notes file, “StickyNotes.snt”, where all the sticky notes data is stored. Just take a copy of this file and save it somewhere safe. Procedure to Restore: Restoring Sticky notes is as good as copying […]


I have been struggling for a while to identify why Wake On LAN is not working since I installed Windows 7 on my computer. It worked fine with Windows XP but after moving to windows 7, it never worked. After lot of testing and trying various things, I finally reached the solution. So, here you […]


Since last one and half year, I have been working on Windows 7 Operating system and in my experience “Auto Tuning” in windows 7/vista/windows 2008 R2 is the most possible culprit for any network related problems. If you see a network related problem in these operating systems and cannot determine what is the cause, I […]


Microsoft has released a tool which helps you in blocking the installation of Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 through windows Updates. You can download it from here. This download contains three files. 1. SPBlockingTool.exe — A microsoft executable 2. SPReg.bat  —  A batch script 3. NoSPUpdate.ADM — A ADM file to use with […]


PowerShell has a built in cmdlet(Get-Eventlog) which directly interacts with Event Viewer. You can query the data in the way you want using this cmdlet. Below are some of the examples… Get-Eventlog -logName System This queries all events in System event. Get-EventLog -LogName System | ? {$_.Entrytype -match “error” } This queries all error events […]